Chris Bumstead Trains Shoulders Two Weeks Out From Trying to Capture Fifth Consecutive Mr. Olympia Title

In preparation for the highly anticipated 2023 Mr. Olympia competition, Chris Bumstead, the reigning Classic Physique champion, is training shoulders two weeks out from his attempt to capture his fifth consecutive title. With competitors like Ramon Rocha Quiroz and Urs Kalecinski vying for the top spot, the pressure is on Bumstead to maintain his dominance in the field. Fortunately, Bumstead’s latest shoulder workout video on his YouTube channel showcases his determination and the level of intensity he brings to his training. With his size, symmetry, and dedication, Bumstead is poised to deliver another exceptional performance on stage in Orlando, FL.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The dumbbell lateral raise is a classic exercise that targets the deltoid muscles, specifically the lateral head. Chris Bumstead started his shoulder workout with a pair of 45-pound dumbbells for his first set. He then reduced the weight by five pounds for each subsequent set, completing 12 repetitions on each one.

The lateral raise is an effective exercise for developing shoulder width and can help create a well-rounded physique. It primarily targets the lateral deltoid, which is responsible for lateral shoulder abduction. By performing this exercise with proper form and controlling the weight throughout the movement, you can effectively engage and strengthen this muscle group.

Plate-Loaded Shoulder Press Machine

Next, Chris Bumstead showcased his strength on the plate-loaded shoulder press machine. For his first set, he loaded five 45-pound plates on each side of the machine. He removed one plate for his next set, focusing on maintaining control throughout the exercise.

The plate-loaded shoulder press machine is a variation of the overhead press that allows for a more stable and controlled movement. By using a machine instead of free weights, you can isolate the shoulder muscles and minimize the involvement of other muscle groups. This exercise primarily targets the front deltoids and can help build strength and size in the shoulders.

Chris Bumstead Trains Shoulders Two Weeks Out From Trying to Capture Fifth Consecutive Mr. Olympia Title

Reverse Pec-Deck Machine

To target the rear deltoids and rhomboids, Chris Bumstead used the reverse pec-deck machine. By keeping his arms extended and chest against the pad, he retracted his shoulder blades and squeezed his rear delts and rhomboids at the top of every rep.

The reverse pec-deck machine is an isolation exercise that specifically targets the posterior deltoids. It is an effective way to develop the muscles in the upper back and enhance overall shoulder definition. By focusing on squeezing the shoulder blades together at the top of the movement, you can maximize the engagement of the target muscles.

Rope Cable Front Raise

After working his shoulders from different angles, Chris Bumstead performed the rope cable front raise to directly target the anterior deltoids. With a slight forward lean and a pronated grip, he lifted the rope from knee height to shoulder-level, keeping his arms parallel to the floor.

The rope cable front raise is a variation of the front raise exercise that uses cables for resistance. This exercise effectively targets the front deltoids and requires the serratus anterior to act as a stabilizer. By controlling the weight and focusing on proper form, you can effectively develop and strengthen the anterior deltoids.

Chris Bumstead Trains Shoulders Two Weeks Out From Trying to Capture Fifth Consecutive Mr. Olympia Title

Standing Shoulder Press Machine

Chris Bumstead returned to a push-based movement with the standing shoulder press machine. Starting with 95 pounds worth of plates per side, he maintained a neutral wrist position and engaged his core. He performed two sets with partial reps at the end and concluded with a drop set using a single 45-pound plate per side.

The standing shoulder press machine is an exercise that primarily targets the front deltoids. By performing this exercise in a standing position, you engage the core and stabilize the movement with your entire body. This exercise allows for a controlled and balanced press, helping to develop strength and size in the shoulders.

Cable Lateral Raise

For his final shoulder exercise, Chris Bumstead performed a lateral raise variation using cables. Rather than using a single-arm approach, he crossed the cables in front of him and worked both arms simultaneously. By keeping his palms down and head neutral, he raised his arms to shoulder-level, targeting all three deltoid heads.

The cable lateral raise is an effective exercise for targeting the lateral deltoids and developing shoulder width. By using cables, you can maintain constant tension throughout the movement, which can lead to greater muscle activation and development. By focusing on proper form and controlling the weight, you can effectively engage the target muscles.

Chris Bumstead Trains Shoulders Two Weeks Out From Trying to Capture Fifth Consecutive Mr. Olympia Title

Seated Calf Raise/Tibialis Raise

While primarily focusing on his shoulders, Chris Bumstead briefly worked on his lower body by alternating seated calf raises with a tibialis raise. He flexed his calves halfway up before completing a full rep on the seated calf machine, using a pair of 45-pound plates. He then moved to a specialized seated machine to work the muscles along the front of his lower leg.

The seated calf raise is an exercise that targets the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calves. By flexing and extending the calves against resistance, you can effectively develop strength and size in this muscle group. The tibialis raise targets the tibialis anterior, the muscle along the front of the shin, which helps with ankle dorsiflexion. By performing these exercises, you can enhance lower body strength and balance.

Classic Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout

Chris Bumstead’s shoulder workout showcases his dedication to training and his focus on developing size, symmetry, and definition in his shoulders. While this workout may not be typical of his standard muscle-building sessions, it provides a high-intensity change of pace for a shoulder-focused workout.

The exercises included in Bumstead’s workout target all three deltoid heads (anterior, lateral, and posterior) and engage various other muscle groups, such as the triceps and upper back. By incorporating compound movements, isolation exercises, and different training techniques, he ensures a comprehensive shoulder workout.

In summary, the classic bodybuilding shoulder workout includes the following exercises:

  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • Plate-Loaded Shoulder Press Machine
  • Reverse Pec-Deck Machine
  • Rope Cable Front Raise
  • Standing Shoulder Press Machine
  • Cable Lateral Raise
  • Seated Calf Raise/Tibialis Raise

This workout can be adapted to individual fitness levels and goals by adjusting the weights, repetitions, and sets. By following Bumstead’s approach to shoulder training, individuals can work towards developing well-rounded, balanced, and aesthetic shoulders.

Chris Bumstead Trains Shoulders Two Weeks Out From Trying to Capture Fifth Consecutive Mr. Olympia Title


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