How To Set Up A Gym In Pokemon Go

I’ve been on the hunt, tracking and catching all sorts of virtual creatures. It’s been quite the rush, soaring through the virtual world of Pokemon Go. Now, I’m ready to level up my gaming experience and share my knowledge with you. As I equip you with essential tips on setting up a gym in Pokemon Go, get ready to become the very best Pokémon trainer out there!

Understanding the Basics of Pokemon Go

Before we talk about setting up gyms in Pokemon Go, it’s important to understand the primary mechanics of the game. Pokemon Go is a popular virtual reality game that leverages your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where you are in the game, and makes Pokemon “appear” in your real world so you can go and catch them.

How the game works

The game works by using your phone’s GPS for your real-world location and augmented reality to bring up those cool-looking Pokemon on your screen, layered over what you see in front of you. You get to roam in the real world, catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and conquering gyms, amongst other things.

Important terminologies in the game

There are specific terminologies you should get acquainted with as you dive into the Pokemon Go world. Some of these include PokeStops, where you collect items like Poke Balls and eggs; Pokemon, the creatures you’re catching; Gyms, a place where you can train your Pokemon and battle with others; and PokeCoins, the in-game currency you earn by controlling gyms.

The different structures in Pokemon Go

Apart from the various gyms and PokeStops that you find scattered in the game, there are also various types of Pokemon habitats and nests. These are specific areas where certain types of Pokemon frequently appear. It adds an element of exploration and adventure to the gaming experience.

Knowing about Pokemon GO Gyms

Gyms in Pokemon Go act as the game’s battle sites. Controlled by one of the three teams in the game, they’re usually raided by opposing sides in a battle of supremacy.

What is a gym in Pokemon Go

A gym in Pokemon Go is a location in the world (related to real-world locations) where players can battle the Pokemon of opposing teams. The team that holds the gym gets to display their strongest Pokemon to defend it from rival teams.

Importance of Gyms in the game

Gyms are vital to player progression in the game. Besides offering competition, they’re also a significant source of rewards which include XP for leveling up, Mementos, and PokeCoins. Players can also acquire badges when they interact with the gyms.

The different roles in a Gym

In a gym, you can take on one of the three roles: a gym leader, a gym defender, or a rival team member. The gym leader oversees the gym, while defenders protect it from rival team members aiming to seize control.

How To Set Up A Gym In Pokemon Go

Steps to Set Up a Gym

Setting up a Gym requires strategic thinking, a decent collection of high CP Pokemon, and the understanding of gym mechanics.

Finding a location for your gym

To set up a gym, first, you need to find a suitable location. The game is designed with several designated physical locations where you can set up your virtual gym. The locations usually include public art, landmarks, and monuments.

Collecting Pokemon for your gym

To create a powerful gym, you need to have a strong team of Pokemon. This task involves catching as many Pokemon as you can, focusing on those with high combat power (CP) and HP.

Creating a gym through the game interface

Unfortunately, as a player, you can’t actually create a new gym. You can only take control of existing gyms. However, by submitting a request to Niantic, you can get a new gym or PokeStop in your location.

Selecting a Team for Your Gym

Getting a team for your gym involves choosing wisely among the three available groups: Instinct (Yellow), Mystic (Blue), and Valor (Red).

How to choose a team

Choosing a team depends on individual preferences. You may choose based on your favorite color, the team ethos, or your friends’ team to collaborate effectively with them.

The role of gym leaders

As a gym leader, you’re responsible for maintaining the gym’s prestige level. You can do this by regular training and leaving powerful Pokemon to defend your gym.

Assigning Pokemon to different members of the team

As a gym leader, you must allocate Pokemon to different team members. Naturally, you want to assign the strongest Pokemon to defend your gym.

How To Set Up A Gym In Pokemon Go

Training Your Pokemon for the Gym

Training is vital to make sure your Pokemon can defend your gym from enemy attacks and earn more prestige for your gym.

Benefits of training your Pokemon

Training helps improve your Pokemon’s CP and HP, making them more potent in battles. Furthermore, each training session gains you XP, which in turn helps you level up.

How to train your Pokemon

To train your Pokemon, you need to go to a gym that’s currently being held by your team, choose a Pokemon to battle against, and start the fight.

Raising the level of your Pokemon

You raise the level of your Pokemon by earning power-ups. These power-ups require stardust and candy, which you can earn by catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon, and transferring them to Professor Willow.

Defending Your Gym from Rival Teams

Once your gym is set up, you have to protect it from rival teams who’ll attempt to claim it.

How gym battles work

Gym battles are initiated by rival teams trying to take over your gym. They’re a series of one-on-one fights against each of the Pokemon left defending the gym.

Strategies for defending your gym

Defending your gym requires constant management. This task involves fortifying it with strong Pokemon and coordinating with your team to keep the gym’s prestige level high. The higher the gym’s prestige level, the more Pokemon it can house for protection.

The importance of regular check-ins

Regular check-ins at your gym are crucial as they give you daily bonuses and strengthen your gym’s defenses.

How To Set Up A Gym In Pokemon Go

Understanding Gym Badges and Their Importance

Gym Badges are rewards players receive for interacting with the many gyms around the global Pokemon Go landscape.

What are Gym Badges

Gym Badges are mementos that you can earn when you interact with a gym. This interaction can range from spinning the gym’s photo disc (like you do to PokeStops) to giving berries to Pokemon residing in the gym.

How to earn Gym Badges

You can earn Gym Badges by battling, giving berries to Pokemon in the gym, and spinning the gym’s photo disc.

The benefits of earning Gym Badges

Earning Gym Badges serves as milestones in your Pokemon Go journey, and they also help in earning bonus items when spinning gym’s photo disc.

Participating in Gym Raids

Gym Raids offer valuable experience and rewards but can prove tricky if unprepared.

What is a Gym Raid

A Gym Raid is an event that takes place at a gym where players can team up to challenge a super-strong Pokemon, known as the Raid Boss.

How to participate in a Raid

You can participate in a Gym Raid using a Raid Pass. This can be earned by spinning the photo disc at a gym. Once the raid begins, you and other players can team up to defeat the Raid Boss.

Strategies for winning a Gym Raid

Winning a raid demands teamwork and clear communication between team members. Coordinate with your team to attack the Raid Boss, heal injured Pokemon, and revive fainted ones.

How To Set Up A Gym In Pokemon Go

Upgrading Your Gym

Like many other features in Pokemon Go, Gyms can also be upgraded to offer more benefits.

When can a gym be upgraded

A gym can be upgraded when it has gained sufficient prestige points, which can be earned by winning battles at the gym, training, and successfully defending against rival team attacks.

Benefits of upgrading your gym

Upgrading your gym boosts its prestige level, which allows more members of your team to station their Pokemon there for defense. Besides, it also offers more items to players who spin its photo disc.

Steps involved in upgrading a gym

To upgrade a gym, earn more prestige points by winning gym battles, conducting training sessions, and successfully fending off rival gym members.

Interacting with Other Gyms

Interacting with other gyms opens up opportunities for learning, collaboration, and healthy competition.

How to find other gyms

You can find other gyms by exploring your local neighborhood or using the game map. Gyms are tall structures with a Pokemon at the top, easily distinguishable from PokeStops.

Studying other gyms’ strategies

By studying other gyms’ strategies, you can discover new tactics to defend your gym, or even better ways to attack rival gyms. Pay attention to the kind of Pokemon they use and their arrangement.

Battling and collaborating with other gyms

Battling with other gyms is the crux of Pokemon Go and a valuable way to level up. In contrast, collaboration isn’t between different team gyms but between team members of the same gym. Communicating and strategizing with your team members will help foster a sense of community and shared achievement.

How To Set Up A Gym In Pokemon Go

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